Friday, September 9, 2011

The Epic Randomness of the World

It has been exactly a month since the day I was able to write my third blog. It is still the first semester of my college life but still life has been hard and a bit stressful for the past few weeks. I just study all my readings given by our instructors, do a lot of term papers and sleep, and eat a lot as well ( I usually put all my stress into food, or I am really just hungry). A lot has also happened with my life, it really entwines between the clean cut between studies and home. I have not been able to participate in social activities, have not written any blogs or even update my planner, read any adventure or informative books :( I am really bored to what has my life circled upon. Then at the most dreadful moments of my life I wish I had a high quality camera so that I could capture everything I wish to document no matter how silly or lame it is as long as it captures my attention. I really want one, and I have been saving up for that. It is still a few money for now but in time it will grow and be just enough for the camera I need. I feel that I need it for my journalism ideals and careers. Well, even though I am not venturing to photojournalism, I would like to capture moments where I am able to got this news and so on and so forth.
 Am I really this random, from school works to food to  camera. Whoa! I know it is really late and I guess any minute now my mom would call me to go to bed to sleep for I have to do lot of stuff tomorrow or later :) and she wants me to be comforted with the warm bed on a cold night. I so love my mom, even though I kept a bit of a personal secret these past months to her and she was able to find out. Well, even though we have fights and stuff I will not exchange my mom for any other mom. She will still be the best mom for me, even though this sentence is really overused, I will still use it to describe her.
I guess I need to go to sleep, by next time I hope I will be able to tell all interesting stuff I have learned from my instructors in this premiere university I am at.
Good night :)

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