Thursday, January 3, 2013

An Active Magic of the Heart

"One may read this and think it's magic. But falling in love is an active magic, and so is writing."
-Ruby Sparks

     Love is a cycle of effervescent joy and delirious sadness. The cycle never breaks. It is just passed on to different forms and moments. Heartbreak may not happen to you but you can pass it on to someone else you have done wrong. Then they will do the same thing you did to them, good or bad. This cycle will not stop unless all humans fail to love and quits the action of loving and receiving love.

     Surely the feeling is great when you are at the part in the cycle of being happy. You will always feel that you become special for someone. You feel that life is worth living. Don't get me wrong here. Yes love is what makes all the good in the world but the complexity of love may lead someone in the deepest sadness of the world and may never get back to the happy surface. What I'm trying to deal with is that a person needs love and to feel it flowing in and out of his/her system but too much of anything will drown you down the biggest trench of despair.

     For the past months I've really divided my perceptions of love into two things. Hoping too much and not caring at all. From the very start, I really am a hopeless romantic person. I love to hope for things that exist in fairytail, love songs and films. But after considering frantic situations in my life I turn to the state of being unhappy and emotional.

    Nevertheless emotions are human nature. These exist as a reminder for us that we feel something and we're always different from inanimate objects that don't feel anything. So be grateful if you feel pain or joy because you're human and it shows :) Just like a line in Paramore's Hello Cold World, "You say you're really hurting, at least you're feeling something". Feelings give you a tick of awareness around you. Just remember to keep moving forward and never stop the habit of feeling because life then would stop with it. And surely you don't want to end your life just like that.

With the coming of the new year, new hopes and instances are greatly ahead of us all. So Happy New Year and may we welcome 2013 with a big warm hug.