Saturday, August 6, 2011


It feels really weird to think that you can't really understand what you feel, what you want.  It's already midnight and I still don't know what should be my first priority- to do stuffs or to sleep.  Today I am writing a sheepishly blog, so not great for pioneer blog, it's not that epic, but it's intricate. Aside from the confusion of my priority, I am so confused with what I am feeling today. I can sense that I'm happy, the next moment I am deeply sad and lastly I am quite terrified of something yet to be known. I can't fully understand what I am feeling and thinking right now.
 Really, I am a complicated person, but I would like to have a sparkle of light in my blogs, a splash of good vibes bursting with positive senses of life. I hope I will be able to guarantee myself and fellow bloggers with this kind of theme.
I finally decide to continue on what I am about to start. :)

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